Are fax machines bad for the environment?



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    Well, in one sense, yes; they are because they use paper (why not just have a digital readout of the transmitted file) and electricity… but in a much more abstract sense they are actually good for the environment. Here’s why — in the past we would have to take a file and manually deliver it to its destination. So sometimes a person would have to drive great distances to hand in a document (say a rental application or a form with important information on it)… but with the advent of a fax machine, the need for having that file physically transported is eliminated… now faxes aren’t as green as emails (because two copies must be printed and still send via an electric connection)… but I’m nearly positive that it is better to print a document and fax it to a faraway destination (say greater than 50 miles, someone else can do all the algebraic calculations [or I will later when I go back to school for this stuff]) where they will print a second copy themselves, than it is to print it only once, but then have to drive all the way there and back [think about the loss of time as well, CO2 is given off but more than one important resource is wasted {fuel and time}]— in other words: it is more green to have it delivered via fax than it is to drive it there oneself. If, however, one is able to ride a bike, walk, or take another form of alternative transportation, then it is probably greener to just print it once and hand deliver it. good question! 

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