Are farmers markets cheaper than regular super markets?



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    That depends on which farmers markets and supermarkets you’re comparing and what area you live in. Here’s an article that describes some comparisons made on the west coast.

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    When I lived in the midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin) I found farmer’s markets to be much cheaper than grocery stores.  Now that I live in California, it depends quite a bit on the type of produce you are buying.  I think in California they have begun labeling their items “organic” which many of them are, but they then increase the price greatly with this label.  Additionally, the produce I get from places like Henrys and Trader Joe’s are actually as local, and as fresh as many of the farmer’s market items, so in general, I shop at local stores rather than farmers markets.

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    It depends on where you are located and which market you are referring to particularly. Sometimes I find products at so-called discount stores that are more expensive than the regular grocery store. There are pros and cons that come with shopping at a market versus a supermarket and vice versa.

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