Are farm raised eggs the most eco friendly option for eggs?



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    The most eco-friendly way to buy eggs is to buy them directly from the farmer who raises the hens in a sustainable way, feeding them organically. Obviously, this is not the easiest way, especially for urban dwellers. Try to buy eggs from co-ops, farmer’s markets or if at a large grocery store, buy eggs labeled free-range or organic or the eggs that were produced as close to your location as possible.

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    Not only are farm-raised eggs better for the environment, they’re better for you! However, in order to make sure that your eggs are the most eco-friendly option, buy organic eggs that are Demeter Certified Biodynamic, this means they were produced using sustainable production methods (no pesticides or fertilizer) and have no additives (no hormones, antibiotics, weren’t subject to genetic engineering). Also take into consideration the carton your egg comes in. Buy a cardboard carton that you can recycle. The clear plastic and styrofoam cartons are much worse for the environment. Better yet, buy your own reusable egg carton (I got mine from a camping store) and pick up local eggs at a farmers market. This way, you are buying local, farm-raised eggs, and eliminating the carton waste. While you’re at it, take into account ethical considerations and buy eggs bearing the label “Certified Humane Raised and Handled“. This is a better regulated label than “free-range” or “free roaming“.

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