Are the trees in the far north healthy they look so bare?



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    What trees in the far north are you referring to, specifically?

    The northernmost biome is the Arctic Tundra. Large, vast areas of trees generally do not grow in the Tundra because the temperature is very cold, and the growing season is very short. Tundra vegetation mostly consists of grasses and shrubs.

    The next biome just south of the Tundra is the Boreal Forest, or the Northern Coniferous Forest. Canada and Alaska are part of the Boreal Forest biome. This region receives more sunlight, and has longer growing seasons. Large and healthy evergreens, spruce trees, and firs are found all around.

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    Yes, more so than warmer areas.  The cold prevents some desease.  They are just bare because of there slow matabolism.

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