Are EV engines powerful enough to work for trucks and other cars that tow a lot of weight?



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    Absolutely! Electric motors are very tough. Since early electric vehicles were built a few tons of with lead-acid batteries, the motors had to be powerful enough to haul all that extra weight. Margaret Milton and Gordon built their first electric vehicle in a truck mainly so that they would have room for all the heavy batteries and other components. When they got more skilled at playing “tetris” with the parts, they switched to a smaller car.

    Many people choose to convert a truck or SUV because it already has really good suspension or upgrade the suspension on their cars with something that can support the extra weight of the lead-acid batteries. Now, with lighter lithium-ion batteries, people can make lighter electric vehicles and use them to haul things. The United States Postal Service uses electric delivery vehicles because they make lots of stops and electric vehicles don’t waste any energy by idling.

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