are energy star appliances usually more expensive?



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    Yes, Energy Star appliances are more expensive in the short term, up-front costs. However, the idea behind them is how much will be saved in monthly bills in the long run. Energy Star homes built in 1995 saved home owners an estimated 1.2 billion dollars in energy costs over a 15 year period. Even just a bit of renovation to an old home using new Energy Star products could save a homeowner 30% a year. More than a tenth of America’s greenhouse gases are from home energy use, (contributing in part because most electricity comes from coal powered factories), so if you can afford the immediate costs of more efficient appliances, you’ll win out in the long run, and so will the planet.

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    Energy Star appliances are more expensive, but there are certain opportunities that can be taken advantage of. There are rebates that your state may give out for buying Energy Star. I do believe there are also tax incentives and breaks if you buy more energy efficient appliances or if you upgrade to solar or another renewable resource.

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