Are the emissions targets of countries too weak?



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    Well it really all depends.  Obviously the target that everyone should be going for is little to no emissions.  However, with politics and corporate input, there really is no way (at least in how todays society is structured) to go for the gold per say.  Little changes over time are the only way things will ever get done right now. So yes and no. 

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    I’d say they are. Considering the problem some experts now agree that we need to cut our carbon emissions to 0. Now most countries agreed to cut their emissions by 20% below 1990 levels by 2020. Which in itself is a great thing but when we factor in that we need to eliminate emissions altogether it’s not the satisfying anymore. 

    Also carbon emissions should be viewed as a bathtub with a very small drain. So when we pour water into it it will accumulate, and it won’t disappear after we stop the water. That is very important to understand, because slow flowing water is still elevating the amount in the tub.

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