Are the emissions that come from your car when its idling worse than when you are going full speed?



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    A car typically emits fewer particulates when idling. If “full speed” means above 55 miles per hour, then the car likely emits much more particulate than at idle. As a general rule (though not always exactly accurate), the more  you press the pedal, the more coming out of the pipe.

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    The emissions that come out of a car are the byproduct of the engine burning gasoline. The harder your engine works, the more waste product (emissions) are going to come out. Thus if you are simply idling, your engine is not working very hard so there won’t be very many pollutants. However, it should be noted that even though you produce fewer emissions idling, idling is a highly ineffective process; that is, you’re not going anywhere. On the other hand, traveling on the highway produces more emissions but the amount of emissions produced per mile is relatively good provided you aren’t speaking. In other words, if we consider emissions to by a byproduct of travleing a distance, you want to be idling as little as possible. Most car engines are most efficient at 55 miles per hour, thus when traveling at such speeds, your car is reducing the fewer emissions per mile traveled than at any other speed.

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