Are elephants closely related to rhino’s?



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    Manatees, dugongs, and hyraxes are the closest relatives to elephants as it is believed they evolved from the same family of mammals about 50 to 60 million years ago. No, direct relation to rhinos. There similarities in color in size are a coincidence of evolution from living in the same types of climates.

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    No.  Rhinocerae belong to the perissodactyla order of mammalia (Latin for odd-toed ungulate, Latin for hooved animals with an uneven number of toes) and are more closely related to horses, tapirs, zebras, and onagers.  The elephant is a member of the proboscidea order (Latin for having a proboscus) and are not closely related to any other living order of animal, though they were at one time related to mammoths and shovel-tusked platybeledon.

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