Are electric vehicles a temporary fad?



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    While they are very popular right now, electric vehicles don’t seem to be a fad per se. Many people are shying away from less environmentally vehicles and forms of fuel in favor of more viable alternatives. With the advent and progress of alternative forms of energy it seems like its something that might only become more popular and long lasting. 

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    Adding to what jmendez mentioned, electric cars only seem like a fad due to their prevalence in pop culture. Many celebrities like to endorse environmental products, which then makes the public want to look just like the celebrities. This is partly why electric cars have become so popular in society, but I don’t see this fad dying out anytime soon.

    As time goes on, our dependence on gasoline is going to become increasingly hard to maintain. Electric cars are a stepping stone to finding a more sustainable means of transportation. Also, rising gas prices won’t make their popularity go away anytime soon. 

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    I agree with both jmendez and environmichael.  Electric cars are trendy nowadays, but I feel that the trend is here to stay.  Electric cars have been around for a while, but have now reached a peak of interest and attention.  The technology is growing and electric cars are becoming a much more realistic option for people across America. 

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