Are electric fences inhumane?



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    It really depends on the power of the fence. Most electric fences are just enough to give the animal a shock.  It doesn’t harm the animal, and most of them don’t need to learn their lesson twice, making it highly effective. However, some electric fences are enough to seriously injure or even kill wildlife. 

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    Not really. Most of the time, the animal enclosed gets shocked once and knows not to go near it.  The fence is usually 120 volts, so not enough to cause any serious bodily harm. 

    The volts can also vary depending on the animal that in enclosed.  For example, a small dog might have a low-voltage fence.  A cattle herd might have a much stronger voltage because of their thick hides.

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    Electric fence systems provide a safer alternative to barbed wires.  A pulsed electrical current is sent along the fence wire and produce short and sharp but safe shocks which translates to a psychological barrier that trains the animal to avoid the electric fence.  The shock is sufficient enough that the animal will remember and stay away from it but will not harm the animal in the process.

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