Are electric cars reliable?



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    The electric car is an alternative fuel car that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion instead of the internal combustion engine. Electric cars give good acceleration and top speed but the poorer energy capacity of batteries compared to that of fossil fuels means that electric cars have poorer range. Recharging batteries can take significant amounts of time so long journeys with electric cars can prove to be problematic. However for everyday use, rather than long journeys, electric cars are very practical forms of transportation. They can be recharged overnight for free and drivers won’t have to incur the cost of paying for gasoline.

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    I would say that electric cars are just as reliable or unreliable as the average gasoline powered vehicle when it comes to function. On the plus side, electric cars do not require as much maintenance as gas powered cars because their engines are much less complicated. Also, braking systems in electrical vehicles are often more efficient as they prevent wear and tear through their regenerative braking system. I would agree that the most unreliable aspect of an electric car is its battery and charging process.

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