Are electric cars really emission free?



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    If they are fully electric then the car themselves will not emit any emissions.  It is important to remember though that electric cars are tied to their energy source.  Thus if you live in a place that uses coal power your power is related to emissions.  It is interesting to calculate how much more effecient an electric vehicle really is in such a situation.

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    Depending on the source of electricity that powers the car. If the power is from lead-battery, it may not have emissions but the lead on its own is another problem to both humans, animals and the environment. Because of this, electric car is not directly emission free. But if what powers the car electrically has nothing harmful to emit directly of indirectly, electric car can be said to be emission free.

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    Electric cars are made using a very long list of metals, plastics, composites, and non-metals, all of which derive from earth materials that must be mined or drilled, then manufactured and transported. So from a cradle-to-grave point of view, there are many kinds of polluting emissions associated with electric cars (or any cars, or anything made from minerals or plants).

    Burning coal to generate electricity is the largest source of carbon emissions in the US; about 65% of US electricity comes from coal and natural gas. Most though not all electricity is “blended” in the grid and it is unlikely that you can claim that any particular household end user is using renewable sources (unless you are generating it yourself, or unless the power company has some tracking mechanism).

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