Are electric cars the most expensive cars made right now?



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    Not by a long shot!  The most expensive cars are usually extremely powerful sports cars, made by companies like Bugatti and Lamborghini, that cost well over a million dollars.  These cars are often not at all concerned about emissions and boast enormous and powerful engine.  Even within the realm of reasonably priced cars, while electric vehicles as a whole may cost slightly more than a standard car, they really aren’t that expensive.  The Nissan Leaf, for example costs less than $35,000 before tax credits, which is only slightly higher than the average car cost in the United States.

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    They are definitely not the most expensive cars, especially if you decide to make your own. Converting an old gas car to run on electricity can save resources as well as money in your wallet. You can get an old car body for pretty much nothing, and then customize it with electric parts for less than the cost of a new car… unless you want to go all out and make yourself something sporty like the Tesla in the body of a Ferrari or other flashy car. Porches are popular makes for conversions.

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