Are electric cars manufactured in an eco friendly way?



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    Although I couldn’t find anything about the manufacturing process of electric cars, I did find out about the manufacturing process of electric car batteries. The batteries electric cars use contain rare-earth metals, but these metals are not a renewable resource and are not often found in large enough quantities to mine. China contains 50% of the world’s supply of rare earth metals and currently supplies 95% of the world’s demand for rare earth metals. Unfortunately, the metals from China are often mined in ways that pollute the environment. Yet rare earth metals are necessary in order to power a variety of clean technologies at this point in time. On the other hand, electric car batteries still have less of an environmental impact than conventional engines, and producing them only amounts to 15% of an electric car’s environmental impact, according to a study done to measure the impact of lithium-ion batteries in particular. 

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    Chevrolet is making an effort to produce their Volt in an eco-friendly manner. They are using recycled boom that aided in the cleanup during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to produce some of their under-the-hood parts.

    The boom is rubber tubing that was used to help contain the oil and keep it from reaching shore during the oil cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. Now 100 miles of the material is going to be used to help create Chevy’s electric car!

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