Are electric cars likely to become more affordable any time soon?



  1. emc
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    I think they will once more car companies manufacture all-electric models.  Competition between manufacturers should even out prices.  Right now there is an extremely limited number of electric cars in production.  There is also a shortage of recharging stations throughout the country to make it truly efficient and easy to use.  Popularity should pick up, just as with the hybrid models that have come out over the past ten years.

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    Going alone with what emc said, those concerned about the cost of electric cars should keep in mind that eventually they’re going to be an absolute necessity and will become much more prominent than they are now. They basically have to with fossil fuels on their way out, and when that happens prices are bound to come down. So, there is a definite future for them as a more affordable option, however distant in the future that is.

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