Are economic growth and environmental conservation competing efforts?



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    Only if economic growth is obtained using nonrenewable resources such as coal or oil. The two goals of economic growth and environmental conservation can be combined by encouraging and rewarding sustainable business practices and by demanding corporate responsibility for resource use as a consumer, as well as by buying sustainable products, supporting candidates that represent green business growth and by being an informed citizen regarding world economic and environmental issues.

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    In a sense, yes.  For one, economy and environment are always competing for attention and credibility (the environment moreso) from policy makers.  Many environmental initiatives require government spending, that many argue is bad for the economy given our huge national debt and recession.  Many believe burdening tax payers with higher costs of clean energy is unfair and unnecessary in the midst of a recession as well.  As a result, spending is cut that otherwise funds the development of green initiatives and ensures industry compliance with green standards. 

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