Are “eco-friendly” laundry detergents really better for water systems?



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    Yes. New Eco Friendly Detergents are better for our environment because they do not contain phosphates. Phosphorus is a limiting plant nutrient and when introduced to rivers and lakes can cause algae blooms. This upsets the ecosystem of lakes and rivers. Sometimes the algal blooms can cause fish or other wildlife die offs. Even people can become sick because if they ingest potentially toxic algae. It is important to check the labels of “green” products. Just because a label states the product is phophate free doesn’t mean it is green. It can still have a chemistry labs worth or unpronounceable harmful chemicals. That being said there are many good effective products out there you just have to shop carefully. Below is a link about green detergents, it is mainly concerned with dishwashing liquid but the same principles apply.

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