Are eco friendly fabrics just as good as other fabrics?



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    Three factors determine whether or not fabrics are eco-friendly: whether the fabric is a natural fiber rather than a synthetic one, whether the fibers used are harvested organically, and the condition of laborers who harvest the fibers. Of the three, the only factor significant to the quality of the fiber is the first. In that regard, it depends what you mean by “good.” In my opinion, natural fibers like cotton are just as long-lasting and comfortable as synthetic fibers.

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    Yes, eco-friendly fabrics like hemp and bamboo are just as good, if not better, than other fabrics that are more widely used in America. Not only is hemp relatively resilient to insects and disease which eliminates need for pesticides, yield times are fairly short. Hemp fabric also doesn’t fade in sunlight or degrade with washing. It’s a very useful plant for making fabric.

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