Are eco-friendly cleaning aides more expensive than regular ones?



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    Some brands can be more expensive, but I have found that most are competively priced.  Terracycle ( produces a line of eco friendly cleaning products (as well as many other items) made in part from recycled materials.  In the case of their cleaners, they are packaged in a rinsed out 32oz bottle.  Their cleaning line runs about $2.99 a bottle and is non-toxic and bio-degradable.  You can look for their producs either online, at Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart is doing a big roll out of thier products to celebrate Earth month.

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    You can also make your own cleaning aides, which could be less expensive than buying a pre-made cleanser in the store (for instance, a toilet-cleaner recipe was listed on GreenAnswers using baking soda and vinegar). Be sure to apply the ‘less is more’ mindset whenever possible! Most laundry detergents have a recommended use that is way more than necessary.  Usually it’s concentrated enough to use 1/2 the recommended amount and still get everything clean, extending your product and your dollar!

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    To add to tigerlily, at my old place of work we used a simple vinegar and water solution as a counter cleaner. Since it’s a weak acetic acid, vinegar proves useful in removing dirt and bacteria. We had a solution composed of 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water in spray bottles. This website offers MANY other ways in which to clean using vinegar. They’re ingenious. You can even clean the toilet bowl with pure vinegar (the site recommends you keep a bottle of pure vinegar for the heavy duty stuff).

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