Are ebooks cheaper to buy than regular books?



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    Most of the time, texts are less expensive when purchased in e-book form.

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    It depends on the condition of print version, but usually an e-book version is cheaper than a new print version. Also take into account, though, that many e-books cannot be resold. It maybe a better option to buy a print version and resell after if no newer editions are released.

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    Many of the classics and pre- 1923 books are available for the Kindle for free. There are also websites that specialize in free e-books.  Most e-books are at least a couple of dollars less than the print version if it is a new release.  

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    It depends on the book. In some cases the e-book may be cheaper but from my experience that isn’t always the case. The paperback form of the book was cheaper than the e-book by more than 50%! So I’d say it depends on whom you are purchasing the item from. It also depends on what perspective you are considering when comparing prices. I found great articles that explain further in details.

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    Though new books are usually more expensive than e-books, I find that used books rarely are.  I have found several great used bookstores throughout the country that sell used books for just a dollar.  I prefer this option over the e-book option because reusing books prevents them from ending up in a landfill, and also does not require an expensive electronic reader.

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