Are e-readers messing up the paper industry?



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    Perhaps the paper industry is not suffering but the newspaper sector definitely is facing reductions in popularity and demand. Many people consider traditional newspapers as an effective way to deliver the news. However, it is clear that online articles are much more effective, not to mention faster, and do save money on paper publications. With this naturally comes decreases in jobs: the people at the newspaper production line, the morning paper boys, etc. The writers still have opportunities to emerge in the online market though. E-readers are not at fault for this development, it is simply the result of the technological advancements of today and in efforts to help the environment.

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    I think this is a hugely generational trend. My parents, and people 5+ years older than me (I am 25), still tend to look to print for their news. I, on the other hand, have NEVER sought out a newspaper (though I do definitely enjoy books). I think that the snatch-and-grab culture of the internet, and the instant availability of any news or information online is going to hurt print media (it already has…look at how many newspapers are going under).

    As for books…I’ve never used a kindle, but if it successfully recreates reading a book (not reading a screen), then I do think that it will increase in popularity with time because of its convenience and capacity.

    Short answer: Yes. E-readers are messing up the paper industry.

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