Are e-books cheaper than regular books?



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    Seems like it. Both Amazon (Kindle) and Barns and Nobles (Nook) sell their e-book formats for around 10 dollars depending on the title. Hardcovers are usually 20+ and trade paper backs 15 ish. Mass Media paper backs tend to only be around 7 dollars but not all titles make it to Mass Media print. Just the same not all titles are availble in e book style either. The other option is Audio book which are pretty expensive (sometimes 50+ dollars!) But if you get a subscription from you can get one audiobook per month for 14.95.

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    Sometimes, but prices vary depending on what book you are buying and the format of your e-book. For example, purchasing Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol on Amazon for your Kindle costs $9.60 but buying a print copy (hardcover) costs $12.00 plus shipping. Twilight costs the same for the Kindle or a print copy, not including shipping, however. For other formats of e-books, prices are likely to be higher.

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    In theory e-books are cheaper than your regular print text. The download of a novel for an e-book can range from free to ten dollars, when in the store the same book may go for $12 to $20. However, when you spend the few extra dollars to buy the print version you do not need a reader, as to with e-books you do. When it comes to the e-book reader you have options; the Microsoft Reader, Palm, Adobe, Mobipock, Kindle, Franklin and the list continues. These readers, unlike the e-books, come at a costly price, be prepared to spend at least $100 if not over $200 on the reader of your choice, but in the end you have one book that can hold hundreds of books (that cost less than your average book) making it your personal opinion as to if the e-books and their reader is really the more cost effective way to go.

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      Great point about the cost of the e-reader. I think that as these catch on more the cost of the e versions of the books will become cheaper or like CD’s and MP3’s people will find a way to go around it somehow.

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