Are dryer sheets better than fabric softener for the environment?



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    Honestly, both of them are pretty bad. Both contain lots of unhealthy petrochemicals which aren’t great for you or the environment. However, you can buy more eco-friendly options (Ecover and Seventh Generation make eco-friendly versions of fabric softener sheets that use natural oils and plant extracts instead of petrochemicals.) You could also try throwing in a quarter cup of either vinegar or baking soda with the wash, it’s supposed to help soften up your clothes.

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    Between the two, dryer sheets are more reusable than fabric softener.  You can use the dryer sheet for a multitude of purposes after using it for laundry- I use mine as a freshener when i run out of filters for the lid of the catbox.  You can also use the dryer sheet as a duster.


    After submitting this, I found a useful website on how to create your own dryer sheets using fabric softener! There you go!


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