Are dreadlocks a prerequisite for being green?



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    I laughed out loud when I read this…. No. I am a “green” person and I do not have long hair or dreadlocks.

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    This is a funny question, but there are some serious issues you raise here. There are a lot of anti-racist activists who get really upset about white progressives co-opting a black hairstyle to appear counter-culture. African Americans can be looked down on for having dreadlocks or any other “ethnic” hairstyles, and it can even make looking for a job difficult because it’s deemed unprofessional. Sometimes they don’t really have a choice in the matter other than exposing their hair to harmful chemical straighteners, etc. Embracing dreadlocks, afros, and other natural hairstyles was even part of the civil rights movement, an attempt to promote the idea that “black is beautiful.” When white progressives decide to adopt the hairstyle it can be interpreted as willful ignorance of the very real issues facing African Americans in their daily lifes. So this is actually a pretty major issue of contention in certain circles. I encourage you to look into Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” if you’re interested in learning more about the issues surrounding “black hair”.

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    Haha, no. Dreadlocks are not prerequisites. There are many ways to be green, and no one way has to be first. You could take shorter showers, keep lights and computers off in the rooms that you’re not using, recycle, drive an electric or hybrid car, use green cleaning products, eat organic foods, use eco friendly materials, etc. And yes, you could also have dreadlocks.

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    No dreadlocks are a fashion trend.

    They were popularized by Bob Marley in the 70s, but gained mass appeal in the 80s among Deadheads and Phish fans. Now they are worn by my friends who listen to the String Cheese Incident and like rock-climbing. HOWEVER, I like to kick it, and I don’t have dreads, so there.

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