Are dolphins highly intelligent?



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    Yes, dolphins are known to be highly intelligent creatures. For instance, scientific research and data shows that dolphins can problem solve, communicate, and design play activities that are both challenging and creative. Furthermore, dolphins are very curious and trainable animals. Dolphins are also intelligent in ways that humans are not. For example, dolphins can detect sounds to sense their surroundings and can track things using eco-location. The dolphin also has the second largest brain size relative to body size (humans have the largest brain size relative to body size). Dolphins can also deciphers symbols and objects. Thus, some scientists claim that dolphins can read. Scientists also believe that dolphins are not merely rote learners but are truly intelligent because they tend to be creative. 

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    Yes, dolphins are thought to be extremely intelligent.  About as intelligent as humans or certainly next in line.  Although it’s difficult to truly assess one’s intelligence, because like mire2187 mentioned, dolphins are smarter in ways that humans are not and vice versa.  Nonetheless, using the information and data we do have to measure intelligence (much how we measure our own), it seems as though dolphins can be considered ‘wicked smahht’.

    Their brain scans come out to near equivalence in ours in that dolphin brains are big (relative to their body size), complex (with a complicated neocortex) and structured so that they may feel emotions and have self-awareness, two key features that distinguishes most humans from animals in general.  Not so with dolphins, as they have these important abilities.    

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