Are dolphins endangered?



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    There are currently 6 species of dolphin and porpoise that are classified as endangered: the Chinese River dolphin (which may be extinct), the Vaquita, the Susu, Hector’s dolphin, the Amazon River dolphin and the Harbor porpoise. In addition to this, 22 other species of dolphin and porpoise are listed as data deficient, which means there is not enough information available to accurately assess their condition. These species include the Irrawaddy River dolphin, the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin, the Tucuxi dolphin and the Francescana dolphin. 

    Blame for their decreasing numbers rests on human fishing practices. Tuna fishing is still a major hazard for dolphins in many places, and there are some parts of the world where dolphin consumption, while technically illegal, is the norm. Pollution is also a contributing factor; because dolphins are at the top of the food chain, the concentration of pollutants that develops in their bodies is higher than other organisms that share their habitat. 

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