Are dogs from puppy mills less healthy?



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    Absolutely. In addition to the many viruses and disfiguring scars they can get from the poor living conditions, the puppies suffer emotional scars that often leave them unfit for living with a normal family. Without proper veterinary care, they can have major problems with teeth, bones, skin and every other part of the body go untreated. And depending on the breeding methods in the specific mill, puppies have a higher incidence of hereditary disorders due to inbreeding. But this is nothing compared to the “breeder” dogs, who, in addition to all these problems, must endure constant, forced pregnancies throughout their life.

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    Yes, puppy mill puppies are often malnourished and unsocialized. The puppies are often inbred and develop serious health problems because of the unsanitary conditions. Due to the large quantity of dogs that a puppy mill may have at any given time it the results are often devastating on the dog’s quality of life – some dogs never being able to even see the outdoors. 

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