are digital cameras more green than the old ones?



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    Definitely. Film cameras require various chemicals for post processing. Before the age of inkjet printers, the only way to get hard copies of the photos was to develop them in labs with the use of various chemicals. According to environmental protection standards, film photo processing centers have to dispose of these chemicals in an environmentally sound way. “That can mean trapping them in absorbent materials designed to render the chemicals inert and then disposing of those materials in a landfill. But more often than not, because of the increased expense involved in such endeavors, many film processing companies just pour the chemicals down the drain.”

    When these chemicals are thrown down the drain, they end up polluting our bodies of water, which in turn poisons the fish and other creatures living in those bodies of water. “As far as the inkjet ink chemistry goes… there are solvents in those inks and those solvents should not be touched in their liquid form because they will absorbed through the skin and are probably carcinogenic. But once they dry, they’re fairly safe to handle.” Plus with digital cameras, you can take as much pictures as you want without having to waste time, effort, and money on film and post processing. So yes, digital cameras are more green than the old ones that used film.

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