Are diapers environmentally detrimental?



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    The disposable ones are, yes. They contribute to the 5 million tons of untreated waste (2 million made of urine, feces, and all that good stuff) that are added to landfills annually. It has been said that this increases the risk of water contamination.

    Also, it takes 80,000 pounds of plastic and 200,000 trees a year to manufacture diapers in America.

    This could all be eliminated by using cloth diapers instead.

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    Disposable diapers absolutely are.  27.4 BILLION disposable diapers are used in the United States alone every single year, and 92% of them will wind up in landfills.  They’re one of the most common items that clog up landfills, and diapers take anywhere from 200-500 years to decompose.  Each diaper also requires a fair amount of raw materials to produce, including water, wood, petroleum feedstocks and chlorine. 

    If you want to make the green choice -and one that will save you money- choose cloth diapers. 

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    The greenest option is definitely cloth diapers- as noted above, disposable diapers massively contribute to landfills and take years to decompose. However, continuous washing and drying of cloth diapers can have a negative effect on the environment as well. The greenest way to use cloth diapers is to use an energy efficient washing machine and line dry instead of using an electric dryer.

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