Are diamonds rocks?



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    The term diamon rock can refer to many different things.  Diamonds are often found within rocks, referred to diamond-bearing rocks.  These rocks are formed from magma and pushed up toward the surface by volcanic activity.  They can also refer to the Diamond Rocks in the Mourne Mountains in the UK.  Finally, it can refer Diamond Rock, an island located in the Caribbean island system of Martinique.


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    A diamond is a rock in the same way that any other gem or mineral would be considered a rock.  They are found in the earth (although can be synthesized in a laboratory) and are mined just like any other precious gem.  They are composed primarily of Carbon, sometimes with other elements that lend them coloration.  

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    A rock is an aggregate of minerals. It is possible to have a monomineralic rock, a rock made of just one mineral, but “a diamond” would be a mineral, not a rock.

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