Are desktop computers worse for the environment than laptop computers?



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    There seems to be a consensus among online discussions that desktop computers are worse to the environment than laptop computers. This is because of several reasons.

    The first that comes to mind is the fact that desktop computers require more material. They are bigger and they require a seperate monitor as well as other accessories. For the people who still use CRT monitors for their desktops are not only using more energy than laptops, but emit more toxic waste in our landfills as well.

    Looking a bit deeper we find that the line is more gray at a second glance. Most online discussions base their conviction on the fact that desktops require these high energy consuming CRT monitors. Though, it may be somewhat true, in todays market, it is hard to find CRT monitors to even purchase especially as you find companies fighting to be the more eco-friendly product available. And don’t forget about batteries. Laptop computers require batteries that are terrible pollutants in our landfills. The last thing to consider is that laptops are typically disposed of more often than desktop computers simply because they last longer.

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