Are the Democrats really the best party for environmentalists?



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    No definitely not. The democrats are very conservative, even Obama. The liberal/conservative spectrum is much different for those in politics, with the entire scale being much more conservative. Many Democrats still would like to drill. Although they are not the best, they are the only party environmentalist have at the moment. And of course they are better than Republicans. 

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    I would say that the green party is probably the best party for an environmentalists.  They have a platform that includes several aspects of environmental responsibility and sustainability, however since it is not one of the major parties, they do not have a lot of pull.

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    Not the best party by a longshot. However, they are a party that gets elected consistently that listens to environmentalists more than any other party that gets elected as often. If you’re voting your conscience to show what issues you care about, go Green. If you’re voting to win and see your issues get taken care of (often in a shoddy way, sadly), go Dem.

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