Are democrats or republicans more important in trying to get a climate deal done in America?



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    While climate change is clearly more important to the democratic agenda, there is no one more important party in passing climate change legislation. The most important thing is bipartisanship and diplomacy. Americans must come together as a nation, not political parties, and support one another in passing legislation that will benefit everyone in the long run. Diplomacy is a must, in that climate change is a global affair. That is why it is called global warming. Just as the US must come together to do its own part, all nations must come together to start combating climate change before too much damage is done. No one party will be able to do anything on their own. That is representative in the current health care legislation. Despite their overwhelming majority, it is not likely that the democrats will pass their bill on their own. Global warming is a human problem as opposed to a political problem. 

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    With that being said, lobbyists than would be considered environmentally unfriendly (mainly the energy and automobile lobbies) tend to allign themselves with the republican party. Bipartisanship is important to have a harmonious and effective government (which is essential in getting legislation actually getting passed instead of being tossed around in congress). Part of being bipartisan is going against special interest groups alligned with your party. In order for republicans to do thier part when it comes to environmental legislation, they must be willing to do this.

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