Are daffodils poisonous?



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    Yes, daffodils are poisonous.  There is something called “daffodil itch,” which irritates the hands of gardeners through exposure to the flower.  Also, if ingested, you can become ill.

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    Yes and no.  Depending how sensitive you are to certain chemicals in the plant, daffodils can occasionally cause rashes on the skin of some individuals.  And unless you somehow mistake the daffodil bulb for an onion and suffer stomach problems, the plant is relatively harmless.  Just make sure to keep the bulbs away from pets in the case they might incur indigestion from eating them.

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    Yes: in addition to causing dermatitis in some people with sensitive skin, daffodil bulbs and blossoms can poison people and animals if eaten. The poisons that daffodil, genus Narcissus, produces are the alkaloids narcitine and narcicysteine, made by the plant as a chemical defense. They usually cannot kill, but may cause dizziness, various abdominal problems and even convulsions. These plants, as well as tulips and other narcissus, should be kept away from pets and children, and should not be planted near onions since the two bulbs are sometimes confused!

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