Are daddy long legs poisonous?



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    No.  This is a widespread misconception about daddy long legs.  “Harvestman”, or “daddy long legs” spiders are not actually spiders.  They belong to their own order with in the Arachnida family called Opiliones.  Harvestman spiders do not have poison glands or a way to inject it.  They mostly eat decaying vegetable matter. 

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    There is no documentation of the daddy long legs spider (also known as “cellar spiders”) biting a human and causing them harm, so they are not poisonous to humans.   There is a myth that they are one of the most poisonous creatures in the world, but that their fangs are too short to bite humans.  The myth however has no evidence supporting it and although they do indeed have short fangs, brown recluses have similar fangs and are able to bite humans.

    Another creature that is  called daddy long legs is a reclusive arachnid (but not a spider) that lives in dark places like under logs and has no venom whatsoever.  

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