Are cucumbers an eco friendly crop?



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    Almost anything can be grown in an ecologically friendly way; almost anything can also be grown in a way that is detrimental to soils, water supplies, and other environmental concerns.

    So, for cucumbers and everything else, yes, and no.

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    For what it needs and what it gives, cucumbers do not seem very eco friendly. They are 97% water and 3% calories, so it takes a lot of water to grow them, and people get very little out of eating them. Dieters like cucumbers because of the 3% calories they contain, but that is very little bang for your buck. With water shortages in the world, it may be hard to justify maintaining such a water hungry crop that provides so little to those who eat it.

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    rigibson is right – yes and no. One big “no” would be if the seeds came from a major commercial seed supplier. Every time someone purchases seeds from Monsanto, for example, they increase the demand for an industry that tends towards ‘monocropping’ and genetically modified organisms.

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