Are cruises one of the worst vacations you can take for the environment?



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    A cruise can be bad for the environment. Often, waste onboard a cruise ship is not disposed of properly, i.e. dumping waste into the ocean. Also, cruises emit more CO2 than planes. A cruise emits about 400 grams of CO2 per passenger, while a Eurostar airplane emits 36 times less. And if you choose to fly to your cruise, perhaps if you live inland, think about the entire amount of CO2 emissions.

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    All means of transportation traditionally made use of during a “vacation” cause some amount of pollution. However, I believe it is safe to say that cruise ships are at the forefront of marine pollution. There are many issues with waste discharge that have ravaged areas of the world. For example, Alaskan cruises have been held responsible for many marine pollution issues prompting Alaska to vote in a new water pollution act. Below are some links containing statistics concerning waste discharge and carbon production. Cruise ships produce an estimated 3 times as much carbon output than planes depending on the length and duration of the cruise.

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