Are blogs credible?



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    Blogs are as credible as the sources of their information. If a blog writer is reporting on high quality reports or making his opinions based on information from credible sources, then it can be a very credible blog. However, if the writer doesn’t provide much in the way of references or if he is using other low-quality resources (such as other blogs that are also founded on no- or low-quality information), then they are not very credible. As with any information source, check out their resources, their background, their funding (if any), etc. to determine credibility.

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    The credibility of blogs is definitely something to consider when reading information on the Internet. Of course, people are anxious to publish on the internet and the lack of quality control can surely lay a foundation for anyone to post anything. However, in many ways, blogs can be very credible and be an alternative to our more common media source. For example, bloggers are typically not affiliated with a bigger organization that might endorse certain views for financial or other reasons. This brings many political people to the scene from all walks of life, who give their opinion, information, and/or comments free of bias. Also, many bloggers tend to blog in their own field of expertise, where they have increased knowledge or experience to report on, giving us a first hand account of that information.

    To increase this credibility, many blogging sites have an opportunity to endorse or recommend comments or information on blogs. The more endorsements a particular blog gets from other people or sources, the more likely that information, and the blogger, are credible sources of information.

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    The general rule is the credibility of a blog depends on the credibility of the blogger. But it is important to remember that blogs are usually written with an agenda on hand, and for a lot of blogs, that agenda doesn’t meet the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics of seeking truth and reporting it, minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable. It is important to know the blogger, their sources, their intentions, and to be able to distinguish news from opinion.

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    A blog can be very creditable or not creditable what’s-so-ever. You have to do your research into the blogger, and all of the information before you take all of what they say to heart. Blogs grew in popularity as we entered into 2000 and created a whole new level of citizen’s journalism. Citizen’s journalism is when citizens report on the current news without any training;, and Twitter have made reporting your news simple. Just because it is online does not mean that it is true or even unbiased. Be sure to look at where what you are reading is coming from, judging the worthiness of a page maybe difficult, but if it doesn’t feel right or even sounds too good to be true, do some more research into the blogger you are reading before you quote what they have to say.

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