Are crawfish baby lobsters?



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    Nope. Crayfish live in fresh water and belong to the families Astacoidea and Parastacoidea. They do resemble lobsters, but they’re not babies!
    Lobsters are larger marine crustaceans and belong to the families Nephropidae or Homaridae.

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    Not at all! Although Crayfish and Lobsters do resemble each other they belong to different families. Crawfish or crayfish are basically crustaceans commonly found in freshwater. These usually look like small lobsters and are organically related to them as well, whereas lobsters are essentially crustaceans infesting marine water. Crawfish, crawdads or crayfish compose of the super families of Parastacoidea and Astacoidea. On the other hand clawed lobsters fall within the family of Nephropidae or Homaridae at times.

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