Are cranberries good for you?



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    Research has shown that cranberries offer a range of good health benefits. Some of the benefits include:

    Protection Against UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections): The proanthocyanidin content of the cranberries makes it difficult for some bacteria to stick to the urinary track lining.

    Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Cranberries provide anti-inflammatory benefits to parts of the digestive tract as well as to the cardiovascular system.

    Immune Support: In more recent studies, crabberries have been shown to improve cold and fly symptoms whilst improving the immune system.

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    There are many health benefits associated with eating cranberries. It is said to help with cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, provide better dental health, and prevents urinary tract infections. Cranberries are a good source of vitamin C and are rich in dietary fiber. To get the most health benefits from eating cranberries, stay away from sugar sweetened cranberry juice. Look for sugar-free cranberry juice concentrates available at many health food stores.

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    Cited below is an amazing recipe for delicious (and healthy) Banana Cranberry Pancakes!  Enjoy!

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