Are coyotes dangerous?



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    They can be if you don’t know how to deal with them correctly. Usually they will not bother people, but if their food supplies run low in their natural habitat, they may wander into areas risking more human contact. Things like a good amount of available water or a good food supply (including pets) draws them closer to areas where humans live. It is good to keep the coyotes’ natural fear of humans alive. Sometimes people will feed coyotes, so they associate people with food, but if you scare coyotes away from you, then you keep their fear alive. To scare a coyote away, you should make yourself as large looking as possible, and make loud noises. This make them think you are more dangerous to them than they are to you. It does help to have objects you can throw at a coyote, but never bend down to obtain a rock or something as that makes you look smaller and easier to overcome. Also, never back away. Overall they are not dangerous as they typically won’t go near humans, but if you happen to run into one, you now know how to be safe.

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