Are corrupt politicians being bribed by fossil fuel companies to oppose green legislation



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    Not very likely on a large scale … which is not to say that companies do not try to influence politicians – they do, in virtually every industry and business. It’s called lobbying.

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    I wouldn’t go as far as to call it corruption, but there is a bit of bribery. Like Mr. Gibson said, lobbying is very common in Washington. For some politicians, they just don’t believe green legislation is required. Some organizations do not believe we are having climate problems and believe the greenhouse effect to be somewhat of a myth. Sites like argue that we actually need more CO2 not less.

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    Mr. Gibson is correct – lobbying pervades every political arena and there’s someone representing every industry and usually most corporations. Companies that produce fossil fuels are simply looking out for their economic interests and trying to generate a profit, the foundation of capitalism. It’d be bizarrely magnanimous, and economically detrimental, if such companies decided to stop lobbying and pursue new means of energy. They’re making money and the government hasn’t yet mandated them to abandon fossil fuels.

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