Are Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun dangerous for humans?



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    Potentially, especially for humans in space or at high altitudes. Also, the potential disruption of radio and other electromagnetic transmissions can have negative impacts on humans.  See link.

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    They are not directly dangerous to humans unless the human is in space, where s/he is unprotected by Earth’s magnetic field and can be subjected to lethal amounts of radiation. We terrestrial humans are safe under the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field, to which the high energy particles that come from CMEs link up, sometimes allowing us to see auroras, although, if you’re flying around in a jet, you’d be at higher risk for radiation than someone on the ground. The most damage CMEs cause on the surface of Earth are power failures

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    Coronal mass ejections along with solar flares can disrupt radio transmissions and cause some damage to satellites. These effects can  lead to possible long term power outages. Humans in higher atmospheres may be the only ones to actually be at risk of exposure. Short term damage can range from skin irritation to increasing the risk of skin cancer. 

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