Are concussions dangerous?



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    There are degrees of concussions that range from not dangerous to dangerous.  An uncomplicated concussion is not dangerous and cannot be treated. The brain will simply need time to heal.

    However, complicated concussions are serious and a doctor should be contacted if:

    • the patient has been unconscious for more than a couple of minutes
    • the patient, after having regained consciousness, becomes sleepy and hard to converse with
    • the patient’s condition worsens after improvement
    • the patient vomits
    • the patient has a fit.
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    Yes, Concussions are dangerous, especially if they go undetected or treated. Some individuals seem to recover quickly, however other experience long term discomfort and issues. These issues are not limited to headaches, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and noise.  Concussions have become a grave issue in youth, collegiate, and professional sports. 

    It is important to seek assistance after hitting the head. A series of exams by a physician or athletic trainer can be the difference between a serious injury and benign. Early detection is key. 

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