Are computers one of the worst inventions that we have had for the environment?



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    Yes and no. On one hand, computer manufacturing emits a lot of carbon dioxide and results in some toxic waste. They also require energy to run when being used. On the other hand, “going paperless”, which requires computer use, saves a lot of paper and energy in the process. Additionally, the internet has been a great tool for environmental organizing. There have been much worse inventions – the airplane and the car, for example, emit far more carbon dioxide than computers do.

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    As computers grow more and more compact and use less energy, they have less impact on the environment. Because they work to provide information quickly and efficiently, they can have a great benefit to offset some of their carbon costs. Also, proper recycling will reduce their future impact. I agree that transportation devices are probably among the worst environmental inventions outside of the nuclear bomb. Inside the house, however, computers have less negative impact then TVs and more information potential then small devices like MP3 players or DVD players.

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