the holidays are coming up any suggestions on how to green them up?



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    For Halloween you could make your own costume at home from recycled clothes! Easy ideas are a Nerd, Witch, Ghost etc!

    For Christmas you could use low-energy lights…and beleive it or not, you are better off buying a real tree than a fake one, because the manufacturing process of fake trees is worse for the envionrment. The real ones can be recycled post Christmas into wood chips!

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    For Halloween: You can use recycled materials to make your costume and decorations. Instead of candy, give out organic fruit leather, honey sticks, or little trinkets like polished stones or interesting shells. (

    Thanksgiving: Have a local and organic meal. Opt out of having a turkey and have a vegetarian/vegan dinner. If you must travel for the holidays, purchase carbon credits to make up for it. You can find more tips here: (

    Christmas: The Sierra Club has some great tips for how to have a green Christmas. They include: buying LED lights, making your own wrapping paper from recycled paper (comics work really well), donating money to an environmental charity as a gift, get a pesticide-free tree, and recycle your tree.

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    Reuse bows, ribbons, and wrappings. Use a live tree rental service, that delivers a live tree to your home and picks it up after the holidays. Skip the plastic ornaments this year, and use berries, pine cones, popcorn, and other natural products. Recycle your old Christmas lights. Use reusable plates, cups, and utensils at your holiday parties. Instead of having your lights run all night long put them on timers or use LED. When it comes to shopping, bring your own bags.

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    Reduce, reuse, and recycle (in that order!) would be my first thought. The holidays are a great time for getting caught up in consumer tendencies. Reduce the amount of one-time decorations you buy for the various holidays, and when you do buy decorations, look for ones made of sustainable and recycled materials. When throwing parties, try to provide organic, local, and vegetarian/vegan food and use reusable or biodegradable plates/untensils. Give away to the less fortunate instead of throwing away. 

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