Are college students the greenest age group in America?



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    I don’t know if there have been studies done on what age group is the greenest, but I’m pretty sure college students are not it. College aged individuals are some of the highest consuming people on earth. Many are lazy and use tons of disposable items and most buy lots of clothes and other products. Not to mention all the books and paper they consume. And all the parties that are thrown by college aged individuals are extremely anti-green.

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    Not yet. They may someday be but right now, they “understand the why, but not the how”. Janis Gaudelli has a great article that describes the movement and its respondants. She also offers various figures on the college age group’s incentives, motives, and actions. It is clear that there is great potential for college students to be the greenest but other outsiders may have to kickstart their movement.

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    College students can also tend to be restricted by costs.  Not always, but typically, green products are slightly more expensive.  The greenest age group aside from individuals pursuing the efforts, are those who are most aware of the problems and educated on ways to find solutions.  I think the age group is much younger, in children from K-12.  They are conditioned to think in these terms and so are developing a better tendency to utilize their skills in such a way.

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