Are college students as active in protesting as they used to be?



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    I would say not in the same sorts of ways. They aren’t out there handcuffing themselves to anything or scheduling sit-ins but there is a certain class of people that conduct their protests online. They can create a ’cause’ on facebook and educate themselves at a great number of sources online. Sadly, these methods have replaced good old getting out there with a group of people and showing passion for a cause.

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    I would say no.  I am in college right now and i can tell you that I have tried to rally people and they don’t care anymore.  I’m like “Do you know that we could grow all of the vegetables the dining halls use on the roofs of our buildings, instead of getting them covered in chemicals from mexico if you just signed this petition?”  And they would be like…..”Why would I care”

    College kids aint what they used to be…..

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