Are college environmental studies groups important for change?



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    Yes, college students are the future leaders of the world. To educate these instrumental people about the environment and encourage them to be active in environmental causes helps ensure that they will remain active in the field in the future.

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    Yes, very much so. A lot of great leaders and scholars come from colleges and universities. Environmental groups on campus give students an outlet for helping to protect the environment. It is strength in numbers for disseminating information and then going out and doing old fashioned activism. As students graduate, they are instilled with a desire for social change in terms of environmentalism. They take this into the workplace, like as a journalism or CEO or the military. Now that person can use those same skills from environmental studies groups to spread to the next level.

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    Student involvement is one of the 9 categories that the Sustainable Endowments Institute uses to rank colleges on their greenness in the College Sustainability Report Card. The categories are: administration, climate change action, food & recycling, STUDENT INVOLVEMENT, building, transportation, endowment transparency, shareholder engagement, and investment priorities.
    According to the report card, student involvement accounts for 1/9th of the sustainability puzzle on college campuses.

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